Episode 636: Cross-Saving and Catching Game Boy

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the long email… But… Here goes…

Do you feel games like Fallout 76 fall foul of the internet trolls looking for clicks before its even been given a chance. My friends and I have recently picked it Fallout 76 at bargain price and we can’t put it down. Games of this nature need time to mature and the reviewers need to give a game like this time to be absorbed into what they are trying to offer. Not just fire out a quick off the review after only a few hrs of game play. It has to be played in coop to provide a true reflection of what they are doing with the game. Playing this in single player and bumping into strangers doesn’t do this any justice.

I was very skeptical at first based on reviews until I was bullied by another listen to buy it…..thanks MattTheLowe….

But I feel this is a solid 8/10 if you take the game for what it is. A coop fallout adventure..

What are your thoughts on how games like this are reviewed and moving forwards would you go back to a game and re-review looking at it from a different angle?

Cheers Rob

PSN- Randel_Raines

Hey guys!

Just to back up Rob’s email about fallout 76. It is (now) a good game. I never played it when it was released but the past few weeks has been a blast! So much fun. I imagine a reviewer playing for a week solo could never do it justice. It’s such a vast, beautifully created world, so much to explore and grind for (if you want). I’d recommend taking a look at 100%. With friends. Co-op survival RPG.

Have you ever considered taking a look? I picked it up for £10, best £10 spent this year.

Keep up the good work!


Twitter Questions/Comments
Craig K
So, given the statement released today by our President, I was wondering about your thoughts on the Game Industry, particularly about the way they get picked on in times like these. Do you think it is just an easy out for politicians? Because they don’t have a lobbying organization that is as entrenched, well funded, and rabid as the other industry that would typically come under fire in the wake of El Paso and Dayton? Your thoughts? (no prayers please)
packetmickey on the PSN, not that I am on much these days.

What sport or club were you a part of in high school that not many people know about. #askpsnation

MJC, thoughts on WWE 2K cover athletes #AskPSNation

With latest news of 100 million sold, predictions on final spot? Do they need a price drop to achieve a top 3 spot?

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