Apex Legends Adds Temporary Solo Mode

Apex Legends new event, the Iron Crown Collection Event, is now live. With that comes the most highly requested feature since the game’s launch: the addition of a Solo mode. Now, players can finally be the Jumpmaster every time, free from the worries of team dynamics, carrying teammates, or in my case, holding anybody back.

The Iron Crown Collection event is running from today, Aug 13 through Aug 27. In that time, new Event specific items will be available, with Iron Crown Collection packs yielding only Legendary or Epic item drops. The event also introduces a new currency, Crowns, which are earned from challenges and Iron Crown Collection Packs and can be spent in the Event store on Rare, Legendary, and Epic Iron Crown gear and skins.

For the full breakdown on the Iron Crown Collection Event, including details on the Octane Town Takeover, Double XP Weekend, and more, check out the Apex Legends Blog Here.

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In other news:
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