PlayStation Plus September 2019 Update

Check out which games will be included in the September update for PlayStation Plus. Remember you can voice your opinions on these Plus games in the comments section below and in our forums. These games will be available to download from September 2, until September 30. Remember, August’s PlayStation Plus games, WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 will still be available to download until September 1.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Review — “Rocksteady did a phenomenal job on the final chapter of its Arkham Trilogy, and this game should be played by everyone. From the exciting storyline to the excellent gameplay, Batman: Arkham Knight delivers on all points.

Even with the less than stellar driving portions, the developers took what could have been a game breaker and mostly delivered on a huge new component to the franchise. Another point of praise is the graphics. They really used the power of the PS4 to deliver a stellar game. Batman: Arkham Knight should not be missed and should be a contender for Game of the Year.” — Shawn

Darksiders III

Store — “Return to an apocalyptic Earth in Darksiders III, a hack-n-slash Action Adventure where players assume the role of FURY in her quest to hunt down and dispose of the Seven Deadly Sins. The most unpredictable and enigmatic of the Four Horsemen, FURY must succeed where many have failed – to bring balance to the forces that now ravage Earth. Darksiders III is the long-anticipated, third chapter in the critically-acclaimed Darksiders franchise.”

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