Episode 641: White Claw and Hammers

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Resident Evil Project Resistance
Control DLC Roadmap
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta
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New Releases
Tuesday September 17th
Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure $29.99 (E)
Truck Driver $39.99 (E)
Friday September 20th
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch: Remastered $49.99 (E10)

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (PS4)
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What We’re Playing and Watching
32:50 Monster Hunter World
35:33 Rock Band 4
49:25 NBA2K20
52:08 Destiny 2


Twitter Questions/Comments
@PSNation Just finished the latest podcast. I, like Dave, am a veteran D2 player. I have no issues with D2 going free-to-play nor have any issues with new players starting at max power level. Does not affect my game experience at all. Welcome players!

Any hope of getting those Only On PlayStation Sleeves here in the US?? Those are beautiful! Might have to import the Spider-Man and Last of Us ones if they don’t end up here. #AskPSNation

Who’s your favorite comedian and why? S/N that’s one of the things I miss from the olds days. The comedy skits at the end of the podcast.

#askpsnation are you guys going to the naughty dog event I just saw a headline/click bait about or is it BS. I dont trust any of the other sites for game news its almost always click bait. Will you play/watch Last of Us again prior to part 2 release?

#AskPSNation Is there a way to share my digital games on my other OG PS4 without making it my primary? He can’t play a game I bought digitally unless he is logged in as me. If I want to play on my pro(primary) he can only use disk games. It’s a strong point for physical. Thoughts

What are your favorite games released in 2019? So far, mine is Days Gone. (Although I have yet to play Control) Anthem was terrible at launch & I had no interest in Apex. Sea of Solitude was really good & I barely started Plagues Tale. (I know I need to get back to that one) I didn’t bother with Kingdom Hearts having never played any of them, but screenshots of it looked really good. Thanks, keep up the good work! #askpsnation #littledebbierules

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Written by Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

Podcast Co-Host
Reviewer/Features Writer

Helping people in games is the most fun I have ever had.

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