Episode 642: Disney Bound

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Have Classic Mode
Nioh 2 Open Beta Dates
Can’t Sex Keanu in Cyberpunk
E3 2020 Plans Leak

New Releases
Tuesday September 24th
AI: The Somnium Files-Day 1 Edition $59.99 (M)
AI: The Somnium Files Limited Edition $89.99 (M)
The Surge 2 $59.99 (M)
Contra Rogue Corps $39.99 (M)
FIFA 20 Champions Edition $79.99 (E)
Friday September 27th
FIFA 20 $59.99 (E)
Tropico 6 $59.99 (T)
Code Vein $59.99 (M)

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What We’re Playing and Watching
34:15 Monster Hunter
34:25 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta MJC
50:15 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta Dave
51:06 Destiny 2
53:54 Borderlands 3


Twitter Questions/Comments
My favorite sports moment was when @david23freese hit the game winning home run in game 6 of the 2011 World Series then they won game 7 to win the World Series. What’s yours? #askpsnation

Chris Hobbs Thoughts on Borderlands 3

Justin Duncan MJC: favorite wrestling game of all time. Mine is either smackdown here comes the pain or wwf no mercy. #askpsnation

Todd Hampton What tv show-series did you not enjoy even though it was extremely popular.
For me it was Friends, Seinfeld and Lost.

Eric Hofer What is the best pizza place in your town ??? MJC if you dont say anything other than deep dish(Piece is also acceptable) Chicago will disown you faster than Cubs getting injured.

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Dave Hunt

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Helping people in games is the most fun I have ever had.

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