Apex Legends Season 3 Meltdown Comes Tomorrow

The third season of Apex Legends, titled Meltdown, is set to launch tomorrow, October 1! As per usual, the new season brings with it plenty of new changes, including a new Legend, a new Battle Pass, and a new Weapon called the Charge Rifle. The biggest change this time, however, is the addition of a new map: the World’s Edge.

World’s Edge is a new, sprawling urban area with city building reaching into the sky, two directly contrasting biomes, molten and freezing, and a moving train. The train will mark the first moving combat zone in Apex Legends, aside from the floating supply ship. Check out the Season 3 Meltdown trailer for below!

As part of Season 3 Meltdown, players will also be seeing a new Legend out there who goes by the name Crypto. A hacker turned combatant, Crypto fights for revenge his lost Family and a shot at a new life. You can check out his story as part of a series Respawn Entertainment is calling “Stories from the Outlands” right here.

Are you ready to check out a new planet? Half frozen, half burning? Sounds like a good time! Let’s talk about all of this and more over on the PS Nation Forums, on Facebook, and on Twitter using #AskPSNation.

In other news:
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