Retro-Inspired Racer ‘Hotshot Racing’ Announced

Today Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital have unveiled their retro-inspired racing game, Hotshot Racing. The colorful racer will feature online competition for up to eight players, four-player local co-op, and 60 fps single-player modes. Hotshot Racing is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this Spring. Further details from the press release as well as the official reveal trailer can be found below.

Curve Digital Unveils Blisteringly-fast, Retro-inspired 60FPS Racer ‘Hotshot Racing’ for PC and Consoles

New racer from Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital channels classic ‘90s arcade racers and is set to drift onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC later this spring

London, UK – 26th February, 2020: Curve Digital is delighted to unveil the colourful retro-inspired racing game, Hotshot Racing, from Lucky Mountain Games and experienced racing genre stalwarts, Sumo Digital. Hotshot Racing channels classic arcade racers sporting colorful polygonal visuals, boost-fuelled drift gameplay and a silky smooth 60 frames per second in the game’s single-player modes regardless of platform.

Hotshot Racing is set to emulate and expand upon the classic ‘90s arcade racing game formula featuring eight different hotshot drivers to choose from (each with their own personality and multiple varied four-wheeled rides), 16 personality-filled sun-baked tracks from across the globe, and multiple game modes for players to prove their driving prowess.

“When we first played Hotshot Racing we were immediately transported to the halcyon days of our youth when we used to pop quarters into classic arcade racers like Virtua Racing, Crusin’ USA, SEGA Rally and others that used to punctuate seafronts across the UK” said Simon Byron, Curve Digital’s Publishing Director. “It’s fantastic to see this type of gameplay make a triumphant return and we can’t wait to see what people make of it!”

Hotshot Racing will also feature multiple single-player and multiplayer game modes – both online and offline including 4-player local split-screen co-op.

There’s the traditional Grand Prix mode where challengers race on multiple tracks in multi-round championship, Time Trial mode where players complete laps as they wish to seek out the fastest lap time for the online leader boards, Cops and Robbers mode where the criminals need to evade capture to secure a big cash bonus whereas the police need to take them down, and the Drive or Explode where players need to race to checkpoints to avoid exploding.

Hotshot Racing is set to launch for PC and consoles later this Spring and is available to Wishlist on Steam from today via

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