Golf With Your Friends on PlayStation 4 Starting Today

Today is the day publisher Team 17 and developer Blacklight Interactive hit the mini-golf course with Golf With Your Friends, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (previously in Steam Early Access). In this game, for the first time, you can play mini-golf simultaneously within a group of up to twelve online players.

In addition, Golf With Your Friends offers the following features:

  • 11 courses: Players can tee off on a variety of courses, including a volcano, prehistoric putting in the museum, and even an intergalactic round in space!
  • Game-changing effects: Power-ups and surreal effects change the game of golf in major ways, from warped gravity to misshapen balls and everyone’s favorite – ball collision!
  • Wacky game modes: Explore outside-the-box challenges aside from the traditional game of mini-golf, including Golf With Your Friends’ takes on hockey and basketball
  • Make the ball your own: Customization options include skin, hats, and trails to personalize the golfing experience

Golf With Your Friends will be on digital storefronts today. You can sneak a peek at the game in the trailer below.


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Written by John Payant

John Payant

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