Straight Outta Mt. Vernon, Crazy [email protected]#$%^ Named Dr. White…

Yo, yo ,yo. what’s happenin’ ya’ll, it’s ya boi Ben “CN” Palmer coming atcha with some fresh news straight off the press release. In an unprecedented moment, a new twist on a music & video game release has hit the PlayStation Store. Coming from the mean meadows of farmland in Mt. Vernon, IL is the dynamic rap duo Whiteboyz Wit Attitude with their debut, interactive music video/game for their “white” hot release The Pursuit of Money. As an added bonus, if all of this (swirls hands in a giant circle in the air) wasn’t enough, the game is FREE and won’t cost you any cash money. I mean, who doesn’t want to play a free game by the greatest rappers of all time as voted by two people on social media (their mothers).

Dis’ dem boys, Dr. White and Crushed Ice simply killing the mic… don’t be too flagrant.

The game features interactive videos & songs from their album including Wear the Purp (nothing to do with Barney the dinosaur) and Mt. Vernon, Illinois (an homage to their hometown). Seriously, with moves like this, save some @#$$% for the rest of us guys.

Peep the official music video/game trailer here. It is definitely kickin’ new flava.


Pimp the deets of the press release below.

Mt. Vernon, Illinois – May 22nd, 2020 – The rap group Whiteboyz Wit Attitude have released a groundbreaking multimedia project. WWA’s new album “The Pursuit of Money” is now available on PlayStation 4, alongside a game of interactive music videos from the album. The game can be downloaded for free, and players can purchase the album directly from their PlayStation 4. This is the first time a multimedia project like this has been released on PS4, and Sony granted special permission for it to happen.

The interactive music videos included are for the songs “Wear The Purp”, and “Mt. Vernon, Illinois”. Wear the Purp features a hip new dance performed with the PS4 motion controls, while Mt. Vernon, Illinois challenges players to drive through a 2D Mt. Vernon crawling with deadly obstacles… like deer and cows! Players should take extra care when dodging deer, because just like in real life hitting one can total your car!

WWA was started in 2007 by two farmers in the Mt. Vernon area. From 2007 – 2013 they recorded four albums that were circulated in the Mt. Vernon, Illinois music scene. In 2016 they begin recording “The Pursuit of Money”, a 30 track magnum opus featuring new tracks and re-recorded versions of their best songs. Soon they entered into talks with Sony about releasing the project on PlayStation 4, and after a few years of delay the project has finally been released! Fans without a PS4 can also purchase the album on Bandcamp.

Written by Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer

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