EA’s Rocket Arena Blasts Off On PlayStation 4 Today

Electronic Arts, along with studio Final Strike Games, have brought 3×3 arena shooter Rocket Arena to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC today, July 14th. With the launch of the game comes the news that Rocket Arena will have full cross-play support across all platforms! With a roster of ten playable heroes, EA promises “visceral fast-paced combat that breaks genre conventions to be unlike any other hero shooter in its category”.

Soma additional information, quoted from EA’s press release includes:

At launch, Rocket Arena will be giving players access to all 10 playable heroes, which feature 100 levels of progression, 10 diverse maps, 22 gameplay changing artifacts, custom games, as well as social and ranked playlists. The game will also include 4 competitive game modes, a cooperative mode, a training level and practice mode, daily and weekly challenges and dozens of cosmetic items, all of which can be unlocked through in-game progression.

Rocket Arena features several unique mechanics to amplify player experience, including the Blast Meter which tells players how far their opponents will fly as they attempt to knock them out of the arena. Players are also never out of the action. Once KO’d, players fly back into the arena to survey the scene and return to the fight, keeping all competitors on their toes. Additionally, every hero in the game’s colorful lineup has their own distinctive personality, playstyle and signature rocket launcher, with a high skill ceiling that allows players to show off a variety of advanced movements like rocket jumping while sniping, dodging and firing combos.

Rocket Arena is available now at the PlayStation Store for $29.99 USD for the base game, and $39.99 for the Mythic Edition, which includes:

Guardian Phoenix Jayto Mythic Outfit
Frost Princess Kayi Outfit
Cyber Sailor Blastbeard Outfit
Stone Temple Izell Outfit
Pulsar Megablast Trail
Fragment Return Trail

Check out the launch trailer below!

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Written by John Payant

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