Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost ON

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    And the award for the dumbest Tiger Beat game title goes to~ this game for now.

    The open beta test for this game runs through the end of July. It is an arena based combat game. A bit Virtual On, a bit Tekken. Guides are available here:

    You will be teamed up with another player to fight another team in an arena with differing heights, buildings, and other structures to hide behind or use as the high ground. This is definitely a game you'll want to play with a friend and strategize together against the other team. Especially if you use a low HP mobile suit like I do.

    The game takes some getting accustomed to at first, but the fast pace of matches and frequency combined with the solid arcade game mechanics have me hooked. I've had matches that very much reminded me of the final battle against Anubis in Zone of Enders, where you're just speeding along and reacting faster than you can think. As if you're playing on instinct and not consciously. I don't know how well it will go over for civilians, but if you enjoy Gundam and fighting games - it's a pretty solid little game.

    Give the beta a try for yourself. From what I understand, you don't need PSN+ to play online.

    I might end up picking this up if any of my friends do.
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    Spent about eight hours playing today.

    Really getting the hang of my mobile suit, and I still LOVE the fast paced matches. Yes, they can be frustrating when you're getting beat up; but they end quickly and you're off to another match shortly after that. It's what I love about arcade games.

    Two things of note - I noticed a weird bug in some matches where when I destroy an enemy mobile suit; and lock on to the next target - my aim does not shift. So I'm stuck firing at where the last enemy was. For a while. This is a beta, and hopefully this will be addressed in the final game, but it lead to some yelling at the television today. :p

    Next is the typical fighting game netcode issues, where I don't believe this game has rollback netcode - so when things get choppy, you will drop/miss inputs instead of them being buffered; which can be frustrating when in an aggressive match; but as mentioned earlier - it will be over soon.

    Unfortunately my dearly beloved Mobile Fighter G Gundam suits are pretty much the shotos of this game. If you see Shining, Noble, Master, or Dragon Gundam - expect total UNGA game play. Gundam Wing suits are a close second. Coming up in the rear you've got Bael and Barbatos. People using those suits love to just get in your face and mash out combos.

    It's a bit tough to stay cool under that pressure, but if you can manage it - just hang back and shoot them in the face as they try to close the distance. Gun-EZ has pretty good tools for deterring aggression. In a few matches tonight I had attackers break off after eating too much lead and go after my partner. Which is when I run up behind and unload in their ass with all the guns.

    I'm also getting better at engaging multiple attackers during a match. I'm an easy target because of my low HP, so I may need to quickly divert my attention from Target A to Target B when they start coming after me.

    This game is remarkably fun for a licensed game. I absolutely want to try playing it on a team with someone I know so we can coordinate over Skype (thanks for not allowing any of my Bluetooth headsets to work w/ games Sony) to menace the opposition.

    There are two weekend left, be sure to check it out next Saturday.
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    I ended up importing this game. Waiting on it to arrive. If you're playing and need a team mate, let me know and we can try to arrange co-op. Currently have weekends free in EST.

    I found additional guides for game detail on mechanics.
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    Still waiting on my copy to arrive.

    Bloody pandemic slowing things down. :mad:
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    Well, it turns out my copy was delivered and apparently stolen by some asshole whom I wish death upon, death upon their family, and if they have children - slow and painful death to them. Currently jumping through hoops to obtain a refund. Very, very disappointed by this outcome.

    But you don't need to be sad! Bandai is giving away some DLC free until the end of the month.

    Now back to my regularly scheduled plotting the fall of mankind.