Review Scale & Policy


Review Scale
Our review scale is from 0 to 10 in .5 increments with 0 being the worst and 10 the best. Keep in mind that each review is the sole opinion of the reviewer that wrote it. It’s up to the reviewer to give an honest opinion about the game and write a review that backs up their score. Editing is done for grammar, spelling, formatting and accuracy only.

So what do the numbers mean? This scale covers everything from games to movies and tv to products. The description after each is to help explain the scale in terms that should cover all categories.

Here’s a breakdown:

Review Scale

10 – Outstanding As close to perfection as possible
9 – Fantastic Very few flaws, highly recommended
8 – Great Memorable and fun with a few caveats
7 – Good A fun experience that may have larger technical issues
6 – Okay A good idea mired in an uneven experience
5 – Average A decent idea that tends to be rather bland and forgettable
4 – Poor Falling short in execution, mechanics, story, you name it
3 – Bad Poorly executed, unoriginal with little fun to be had, if any
2 – Awful No real fun, a ton of problems and a painful mess
1 – Unbearable Terrible experience with no real redeeming qualities
0 – Horrible A flat-out broken mess that should never have been released

How We Review
Our staff includes a diverse group of gamers from North America and Europe. This is a side gig for everyone involved and we all have “real” jobs outside of PS Nation.

We do our best to match games with a staff member that has a good working knowledge of the genre they’re in but there are times when we will have to assign reviews to writers that may have less experience with a particular type of game.

The staff at is fully responsible for all review content.

For Video Game reviews: we receive PSN download codes or physical copies of games directly from the publishers for review or purchase a copy ourselves.

For TV & Movie reviews: we receive physical copies from the publishers, attend a screening, or purchase a copy for ourselves.

For Product reviews: we receive the product directly from the manufacturer or purchase it for ourselves.

In all cases, in the interest of transparency, we will clearly mark the original source for each item at the top of every review.

* This has been the policy of PS Nation from the beginning but was only put into writing on the website as of March 2, 2014 and the written disclaimer will cover all reviews going forward. We will be going back and adding this disclaimer to all past reviews as time allows.