Episode 35 – An Old Friend

Sorry for the lateness all around. We worked for 2 days trying to fix my audio track. Also, I was at the Packers game on Sunday, and I was pretty exhausted when I posted the show, so I waited until Monday morning to post the show notes. So, here they are.

ps- It was all over the place that IGN changed their review of AC for PS3. That is a definite fact.

ps part Deux- I am in the process of moving all of our episodes to a new web host, and in turn will require a new RSS Feed. The transition will begin in the next couple of weeks, so if you don’t see a new episode in iTunes, that may be why. Episode 36 will probably come out on Weds. the 21st because of Thanksgiving commitments etc.

Again, sorry for the quality of my audio track.

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#Review of Assassin’s Creed
#Review of the Dual Shock 3
#New Expansion coming out Next Week for Final Fantasy XI (PS2)
#Re-visit Persona 3

#What we’ve been playing

Howard Stringer: PS3 Sales boost is a “Breakthrough”

Rock Band DLC prices detailed:

Rock Band DLC for the remainder of 2007 revealed:

Eye of Judgment is updated to version 1.01:

PS3 Orange Box confirmed for Dec 2007 release:

#New on the Store:
Demo-Blazing Angels 2
Demo- Toy Home
Game Videos:

Playstation Network Video
Toy Home Video
PAIN Launch Trailer
High Velocity Bowling Trailer
Ratchet & Clank BTS: Animation
Ratchet & Clank BTS: Gameplay
Uncharted: DF Meet the Dogs video
Time Crisis 4 Trailer 2
Burnout Paradise Ultimate Driving Trailer
Battlefield: Bad Company Teaser Trailer
Timeshift FPS Differently Trailer 1

Movie Trailers:

The Dark Knight
This Christmas
David Gilmour – Remember That Night (Blu-ray)

#New Releases:
Rock Band
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
College Hoops 2k8
Medal of Honor Airborne
Time Crisis 4 w/Guncon
Soldier of Fortune: Payback

#Blu-Ray New Releases:
The Die Hard Collection (and all separately as well)
Live Free or Die Hard
Rescue Dawn
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Claus
David Gilmour: Remember That Night
Badder Santa: Unrated

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