E3 2009 – Pixeljunk Shooter (Follow the link for video)

One of my most hotly anticipated PSN titles, and definitely my favorite in the Pixeljunk series, Shooter is deceivingly complex, but still insanely playable. The game may be built in the idea that there’s a certain way to get through a level, but as we learned by playing this early version, we played in ways that the Producers had never imagined before. More after the link…

Here we are playing Pixeljunk Shooter at E3. The visuals are stunning, the control is spot-on, and the fact that it’s physics-based is surprising. In the first few seconds you’ll see the ship fire on some unsuspecting rocks, blowing them up and releasing a wave of water. If you get your ship caught-up in the rushing water, it actually pulls your ship along with it. Use the water to cool lava down and turn it into rock so you can get by it. Rescue trapped miners and make sure that you don’t fire to close to them, as there is a definite blast radius to keep in mind. Use a sponge that has soaked a bunch of water-up to cool lava down by throwing it into the lava-flow.

All of these things for a game that looks so straightforward, but holds a lot of depth underneath. That’s the beauty of Pixeljunk Shooter, and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it again. Thanks to Martin for shooting the footage and getting it to us!

Written by Glenn Percival

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