4 PC Engine (JP Turbografx) games available on the Japanese PSN!!!!

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It’s no secret that I am a bigger PC Engine/Turbografx nerd than Mark is about Sega (Yes Mark, it’s true.) One of my biggest wish items seems to be coming to fruition, as 4 titles showed-up on the JP PSN today!!!
Details after the link…

The titles include:
Bomberman ’94
New Adventure Island
Sengoku Mahjong
Devils Crush (Actually, the Japanese name is Devil’s Crash)

All are priced at ¥600 (Roughly $6) and are playable on PSP and PS3!!

Beside the Mahjong title, the other 3 are GREAT titles!!!! This is an awesome way to start. PLEASE Hudson, when are we going to see this in the US?!?!?!?!

Here are videos for 3 of the games:
Devil’s Crush

New Adventure Island

Bomberman ’94

Also, here’s a video of a VHS Promo Tape that NEC sent out early in the Turbografx 16’s life

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