PS Nation Special Announcement


Hey everyone, Mark here with a very special announcement…

Effective immediately, I will be stepping down as regular co-host of the PS Nation Podcast to pursue my dream career as a professional Street Fighter player!

Just kidding! (about the Street Fighter part)

I am, in fact, mostly leaving the show. As you’ve heard me complain lately (or I guess more than usual), real life keeps getting in the way of my fun. Sadly, that’s not going to change anytime soon and I can no longer make the commitment to be a full-time co-host. There’s nothing serious going on, but I do need to re-prioritize my time and that means video games and podcasting must take a back seat to other things, at least for now. I’m not completely leaving however, so you aren’t totally free from my special brand of SavoryHATE™. I’ll still be popping in from time to time to review stuff and hopefully I’ll actually have more time to post articles on the site. Of course I’ll still be gaming, spamming Twitter and hanging around VGEvo when time permits.

So that leaves us with the big question… Can Torgo go it alone? Hell no. He still needs someone to cover games that aren’t MAG, BFBC2 or Killzone 2, read him Sony press releases at bedtime, and play MLB with him. So I am very pleased to announce that two strapping (not so) young men, who you may recognize are stepping in..

Please welcome the new permanent co-hosts of the PS Nation Podcast:

Fivespot and Philip J. Fry!!! (aka Joel and Josh)

Don’t worry, they were always closet PS3 fans! 😀

As much as I love internet gossip, I want take a moment to quell any rumors of nefarious backdoor dealings and other shenanigans. The timing of all this could be viewed as a little suspect, but be assured that leaving was 100% my decision and something I’d been contemplating for quite awhile. I told Glenn my intention a week before Midwest Gaming Classic and felt awful because I was really leaving him in a lurch (you’ll hear more about why sometime in the near future). Luckily, just after MGC, fate stepped in and helped us out as it was announced that Joel and Josh were leaving 360 Nation. The timing was eerily perfect! They’ve been on the show before and we’re all good friends, so it really relieves me to know the show will be left in capable hands.

So please give the guys a warm welcome, I assure you that they’re far less pessimistic and wet-toweled than I am. 😉

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Written by Mark Senger

Glenn’s second co-host on the podcast , Mark graced the airwaves from late 2007 to early 2010.

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