Killzone 3 Beta – Day 2 – Jetpacks!

When Guerrilla demoed Killzone 3 at E3, they unveiled the addition of Jetpacks, that were not only for the CPU to use against the player, but that would be fully usable in Single and Multiplayer modes. Honestly, I was worried. I’m one of those people that live by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” points-of-view. After getting my hands-on with them at E3 and at PAX this year though, my fears quickly turned to excitement. The implementation is incredibly well done in terms of balance and control, and is more of a compliment to the gameplay than a huge change.

Balance is handled in a couple of different ways with jetpack use, as you’ll see in the video. First, while the jetpack is active, you can only use the gun that’s attached. Also, you can’t throw a grenade while in the air, and you can’t deploy any items (turrets, bots etc) while wearing the jetpack, and during Search and Retrieve, you’re not allowed to carry the propaganda speaker while flying. The nice thing is that you can hold down on the d-pad to disable and enable the jetpack at-will, but it’s not an instant change. Unlike some other games that include jetpacks, you’re not going to be flying all over the place either. Instead, you’ll get a burst upward for 3-4 seconds, then you can slowly glide down. Additionally, you’ll get 2 boosts laterally by hitting X.

Another mechanic that you’ll see in the video is the huge generator in the middle of this particular map. When it finally goes-off, it’ll send out an EMP wave that temporarily disables the jetpacks, bots, and the radar. You’ll see similar map-specific inclusions throughout the multiplayer, which makes each map just that much different.

Tomorrow we’ll focus on the 3rd map, which is much larger than it seems, and much larger than any previous Killzone 2 map by far!


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Written by Glenn Percival

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