Latest Bulletstorm Skillisode

In anticipation of Bulletstorm’s February 22nd release, a mere two weeks from now, publisher EA and developers People Can Fly and Epic Games have unleashed a series of Skillisodes. These serve as quick primers on some of the more outrageous attack combos in the game and the bonus points you will receive from inflicting them on your opponents. The latest Skillisode offers up three devastating combos, Fireworks, Letterbomb, and Breakdance. Each combines an inventive use of your weapons with a darkly hilarious, and fatal, result for your target. Whether its sending an opponent to the heavens like a bottlerocket or turning your opponent into a frappe without the blender this trailer has you covered. Bulletstorm is a lot like high school English essays, creativity counts, so tap into your artistically gory side later this month.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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