MGC Tournaments to Award over $5,000 in 2011

Do you think you have what it takes to take on some of the best players in the world and win? If you do, you don’t want to miss the Midwest Gaming Classic in 2011 with more competition and more prizes than ever before!

The competition kicks off Friday night with our Clock Chaos tournament! Players get once chance at a number of games, and the top 12 return for the 13th hour to replay one game for the chance to change their seeding. The stakes have been raised for 2011, with each placing player receiving a guaranteed cash payout and a percentage of the final pot!

If that isn’t enough pinball action for you, the Midwest Pinball Championship series returns for 2011! Anchored by the popular Midwest Pinball Championship, where players face off on five games across five eras to determine seeding before moving to an expanded field of finals, this is the selection of tournaments that pinball wizards don’t want to miss! The main tournament will pay out a guaranteed $2500 in 2011. On top of this, there are Women’s and Junior divisions of play, and six different mini-tournaments to compete in for 2011! It all adds up to the largest pinball tournament prize pot that the Midwest Gaming Classic has ever offered!

Video games more your style? The Modern Classic Tournament series returns in 2011 with Halo Reach and Pac-Man CE DX tournaments to challenge modern gamers in popular games released within the last year, while the Retro Classics Tournament series challenges gamers in some of the classic games of old! For 2011, we’re expanding the Midwest Tetris Championship greatly, offering two days of qualifying, more finals positions and more prizes than ever before!

Not enough? Try to get a high score on our signature Hybrid tournament! Pac-Mania returns for it’s 5th Anniversary in 2011, challenging players to play on a Pac-Man video game and a Pac-Man pinball machine for a limited amount of time to find out who can put up the best combined score! Think you have what it takes to take home the trophy?

More rules and full listings for all of the tournaments will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, but one thing is certain — if you want to compete, there is no where better to do so than the 2011 Midwest Gaming Classic!

PSNation folks will be present.  We hope to see you there!

Come to the Midwest Gaming Classic 2011

Head to the Midwest Gaming Classic web site today to sign up for Clock Chaos, order tickets, and read about more of the great stuff that is going on at this event!  Even more is being announced in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to check by often!

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