Swarm Towards a High Score

Score chasing has been a hotly contested nerd sport since the days of arcades – just ask Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell. Lately, we’ve been seeing a resurgence of this much loved pastime as more and more developers are working features into their games that let you know exactly how much you are dominating (or being dominated by) your friends. Swarm, the upcoming Hothead Games title being published by Ignition Entertainment, is no exception, with its inclusion of leaderboards, displaying your best efforts on levels versus your friend’s highest point totals. The latest “Ask Dr. Mike” video from Hothead shows off some of these elements and has one of the developers Joel DeYoung, the producer, trying to best lead designer Pete Low’s high score on level one. The result is a showcase of various techniques used to simultaneously keep your multiplier high, hit checkpoints in a timely manner, and collect the most valuable pickups. Of note is the strategy to kill off a large number of your swarmites in order to increase your multiplier – sorry little blue guys all is fair in love and score chasing. The video demonstrates that even after completing levels you could easily get sucked back in to try and top a friend’s score. Look for Swarm next month and everyone start your score chasing!

Written by Justin Spielmann

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