Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues Trailer

Fallout: New Vegas DLC has already taken players to trap filled casinos and a warped version of Zion National Park. Now prepare yourself as you are thrown into Old World Blues. As the Courier you have been captured, experimented on, and apparently had your brain removed. During your quest to retrieve your gray matter you will battle robotic scorpions and deadly mutants. While the rock solid combat of Fallout is present in the trailer the most refreshing part of the video is that it does not seem to take itself too seriously. Between the Professor Farnsworth-esque voice over, schlock B-movie vibe, and brain-powered robots this DLC pack appears to be willing to give into the quirkiness that Fallout has always had lying just beneath its surface. This is as close as we will get to a Fallout – MST3K mashup, and for me its July 19th release can’t come soon enough.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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