Silent Hill Collection Screenshots For Your Friday

Happy Friday,  no matter where you live.  That is, of course, unless you call Silent Hill your home.  For some reason, we still enjoy visiting and revisiting that abomination-ridden town, regardless of the torture and nightmare that it brings.   So it is with great excitement that we bring you two new screenshots from the upcoming HD remasters.   There is not much to, since the screenshots show darker areas of the game, but inspecting closely, you will notice some sharpness to the textures and edges.

Aside from the ICO and Shadows collection, Silent Hill ranks right up there with the games I would love to see re-released in HD.  Now fault me if you will, but it would have been great if these Silent Hills received a 3D treatment, because breaking that screen barrier would add even more chills to an approaching two-headed baby walking on two adult hands.

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