PSN store lands in second Latin American nation

The PSN store has reached another country, now opening up in Brazil.

The South American samba nation has now become the 44th country to have access to the service’s store. There is just under 200 downloads at launch and Sony have also set up a Brazilian PlayStation blog and website.

Purchases are through credit cards only at the moment, but pre-paid cards will be available soon for our Portuguese-speaking friends.

A bonus for Brazilian PS3 owners is that they’ll have access to the welcome back package to aplogise for the PSN outage.

The opening of a PSN store signals a dramatic rise of PlayStation in Latin America. Only last year, most Brazilians who could afford to game were just purchasing a PS2 (which still retails for roughly $400) and only the extremely rich could afford the $1,100+ PS3.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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