Batman: Arkham City Mr. Freeze Trailer

Maybe it’s just the hopeless romantic in me, but one of my favorite villains in the Batman universe is Victor Fries. He is one of many example of what makes some of the villains in the Batman universe folks that you could sometimes sympathize with, thus you pity them and hate them at the same time. You can see the motivations behind their actions, and at times, you might even debate how their initial responses to the tragedies in their lives are any different than Bruce Wayne’s. Still, Mr. Freeze takes his machinations and turns them into acts of crime, thus drawing attention to himself from the man bat.

This trailer shows off the character in the upcoming game, complete with his sub zero suit (notice the cool condensation in the head bubble).

Mr. Freeze joins a legion of villains in this year’s Batman: Arkham City, available October 21, 2011. Check out the new trailer below.

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