Demon’s Souls servers still alive

Atlus have announced some good news for players of Demon’s Souls – the online component will continue for “the foreseeable future”. The publisher had previously stated that they would be pulling the servers, but has now made a u-turn on that decision.

Tim Pivnicny, Atlus‘ VP of Marketing, was certainly excited by the news:

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to announce that the Demon’s Souls online experience will persist for a while longer. While it originally seemed as though it would be unfeasible for us to continue to sustain the servers, a number of developments have made it possible for us to continue to invest in and support our fans as they have continued to invest in and support us and Demon’s Souls.  For all the gamers who have yet to discover the game’s amazing online experience, we’re happy to say you can still log on and find out why Demon’s Souls is still regarded by many as one of the finest games of all time.”

This PS3 exclusive (which has since been succeeded by multi-plat Dark Souls) was widely considered as one of 2010’s best games; receiving high praise from critics and fans alike. However, it was somewhat difficult to get hold of at the time.

If you’re still interested in getting involved though, the famously difficult Demon’s Souls is now a part of the ‘Greatest Hits’ range and is available for $19.99.

Written by Raj Mahil

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