PS3 ‘SuperSlim’ won’t be at Gamescom

According to VG247, the PS3-4000 (or ‘SuperSlim‘ as it has been widely dubbed) will not be making an appearance at Gamescom.

The UK based site say Sony had planned to unveil it at the German festival, as we had previously speculated, but due to current PS3 stock levels, it has now been deemed infeasible.

They also reveal that the rumoured 16GB console is coming, at an extremely enticing £99 (around $150) price point. Whilst Sony are yet to confirm this, the console manufacturer did today announce that they’d be heavily focusing on the casual market this Christmas. With a price point that undercuts the XBOX 360 4GB version, this news all fits together rather nicely.


[Source: VG247]

Written by Raj Mahil

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