Indie supergroup announces Sportfriends Featuring J.S. Joust

The Sportsfriends and Die Gute fabrik are pleased to announce Sportfriends, a compendium of four competitive local multiplayer games. Sportsfriends is the Indie worlds answer to Wii Sports. Each of the Sportsfriends games have been shown at parties, arcades, and galleries for the past twelve months and all of them have gained their own fan base. The games will be polished up and sold under one package for the PlayStation 3, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux-based systems. It will be published by Fall of 2013 by Die Gute Fabrik.

Johann Sebastian Joust by Douglas Wilson is a no-screen, no-graphics videogame that asks players to try to sneak up on their opponent and bump their controller to win.

Hokra by Romiro Corbetta is a Four-player minimalist sports game about passing, possession, and shooting.

Super Pole Riders is a sequel to 2011’s Pole Riders by Bennett Foddy, the creator of web phenomenon QWOP. It is a game of pole-vaulting polo for up to four players.

BaraBariBall by Noah Sasso is a fast-paced, tactical game of volleyball played above a deep pool of water.

These games have won awards at a few different shows and the creators have put a lot of time into these fun and interesting games! To achieve their funding goals Sportfriends have set up a Kickstarter that you can find here.

Please enjoy these screenshots:



Written by Edward Pol

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