Knytt Underground Out Soon For Playstation 3 and Vita


Knytt Underground is the newest release in the Knytt series created by developer Nicklas Nygren, a.k.a ‘Nifflas’. This game has been flying under the radar and I haven’t heard of it until recently when we received some news about it. Knytt Underground will be released on the PlayStation Network Today for PlayStation 3 and Vita with Cross-buy and on the 21st of December for the EU fans! The game will be available for £9.99 in the UK, €12.99 in the EU and $14.99 in the US, with European PlayStation Plus members being able to get the game for free for a limited time after launch.

Knytt Underground will have over 1,800 rooms to explore and many abilities for you to get through each room like, Jumping, Climbing, Bouncing, Running, and Swinging. These mechanics fit perfectly in the world of Knytt. Please enjoy this trailer of Knytt Underground and if it is your cup of tea pick it up today!

Written by Edward Pol

Just another Sony fan boy. I play pretty much anything and I also run the PsNation Zen Pinball League.

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