No Sticky Wicket! Man! THIS is Cricket!


I don’t like sports games. I like to GO to see a game at Yankee Stadium but baseball on TV makes no sense to me. Baseball is about the park and the outdoors and $15 20 oz. Budweiser, hot dogs and bleacher bums. I would LOVE to see a Giants or Colts game in person but I can settle for a nice warm couch, an icy bucket of Guinness Black Lager and whatever heart-stopping munchies I’m in a mood for. Video games and sports never made much sense to me. That’s why I can not explain my sudden excitement to learn Cricket and play Ashes Cricket 2013.

Publisher 505 Games has been ramping up press activity before the June 21st launch of Ashes Cricket 2013. There was a world-wide vote taken on Facebook to choose which two amateur teams would be portrayed in the game. 290 Cricket clubs in total competed by rousing their fans to vote. In the end the winners were Exeter University Mens Cricket Club from the UK and MacQuarie University Cricket Club from Australia.  Have a look at this candid, and inexplicably-for-me misty-eye-inducing, video of Exeter getting the final results of the voting.

It’s perhaps humorous to note that a player on the Exeter team is the young cousin of Hugh Grant who tweeted to his followers to vote. If this was an American sport, methinks Hugh’s inducement might have cost them the ballgame, as it were. Then again, perhaps his fan base in the US are all expats. As it is he only got 133 retweets and one of those was from Liz Hurley….my head hurts! Is it 2013? Really?!?!

The name of the video game, Ashes 2013, apart from the year of publication, refers to an historical Cricket match played in 1882. The Sporting Times newspaper reported, satirically, that since the Australian team had bested the English team for the first time on an English pitch, that English Cricket had died, was being cremated and the ashes taken back to Australia by the Aussie team. The next year the media dubbed the approaching match in Australia the Quest to Regain The Ashes! A group of Melbourne women presented English Team Captain Ivo Bligh a small terracotta urn reputed to contain the ashes of a Cricket bail. And that is what started it all!

A Very Few Cricket Terms-

  • Wicket- 1) The Playing field or “pitch”. 2) Set of stumps and bails. 3) Dismissal of a batsman.
  • Sticky Wicket- The pitch is damp or muddy.
  • Stumps- One of three vertical posts making-up the wicket.
  • Bails- Two small pieces of wood which lie across the top of the stumps.

I will be keeping an eye out for more information as launch time approaches. As of this time, the game will not launch in North America. I would still like to get it from the UK! Any other Americans planning to import the game? What about our fans abroad? Planning to buy Ashes Cricket 2013? Leave comments and let us all know!


Written by Keith Dunn-Fernández

Keith Dunn-Fernández

An actor/director and more lucratively an Administrative Assistant at a small paper company in NYC, Keith loves his games. And he loves to write. And he is a bit of a sarcasmo.

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