Eidos tease ‘Deus Ex: The Fall’

Deus Ex

The next game in the Deus Ex series looks as though it will be titled ‘The Fall’ – and we might be seeing it at E3 next week.

According to Eurogamer, a number of domain names were registered by Square Enix this week, such as DeusExTheFall.com. Rumours have since surfaced around the web that the game will make an appearance at E3, though this could be mere speculation.

Developer Eidos Montreal have now all but confirmed the title exists, by teasing the announcement online. The studio today tweeted;

“Are YOU ready for The Fall?”

Deux Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution were huge hits on the PS2 and PS3 respectively. Here’s hoping ‘The Fall’ will be another stellar title for Sony‘s next-gen console.


Written by Raj Mahil

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