Review: Motorbike (PS3)


Title: Motorbike
Format: PlayStation Network Download (322 MB)
Release Date: June 25, 2013
Publisher: BaKno Games
Developer: BaKno Games
Price: $14.99
ESRB Rating: E
Motorbike is also available on PC, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android.
The PlayStation Network Version was used for this review.

In Motorbike your objective is to get to the finish line as fast as possible with a series of elaborate obstacles in your way. As in similar games in the genre most of the gameplay is about trial and error. Making sure you hit a ramp at just the right speed to be able to clear an obstacle or to land in just the right spot to setup to get past your next.

The controls are simple use R2 for gas, L2 for reverse, x to brake, and lean with your choice of the R1 L1 triggers, D-pad or left stick. The right stick is used to control the camera with the options of zooming in or out on your rider or rotating to a more over shoulder view. Pressing select will start you back at the beginning or at your last check point.


The problem is, this game is frustrating. Level design is crucial to a game like this and should be enjoyable with just enough to frustrate and make you want to replay the level or redo a section on the goal of getting a better score or faster time. The checkpoint system is used only on a handful of the 80 levels the game comes with, meaning you get to play every poor design decision over until you get to the finish line. You would assume that the levels would get progressively harder as you go down the list, but the level difficulty goes from easy to hard and vice-versa without any coherence.

Motorbike is not a looker with most of the levels set in one of four environmental backgrounds Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. You do have the option of picking the background environment when choosing a level as well as picking different options for how your rider looks. This gives you a little more variation with four categories to choose from. Changing your pilot, outfit, bike, and color only gives you visual changes with nothing affecting how your bike rides. The menu system is also very minimalist and looks to be designed for mobile devices with touch screens. The game does have a very cumbersome level editor that allows you to create your own tracks and upload them online for others to enjoy I suppose. The few I played suffered from the same bad design issues I found in the core track designs.


Get ready to be inundated with what I would consider a poor excuse for punk rock and with no option for custom soundtracks these songs get old fast. Sound effects also do not fare so well with poor engine sounds and environment effects such as fireworks and anything you run over.

Online consists of the ability to download levels created by others and upload levels you have created. Multiplayer is limited to local co-op or competitive with a real difference being how the camera is split. Co-op camera follows both riders and changes depending on the distance away from each other. Competitive does a horizontal split allowing you to race to the finish line.


For $14.99 Motorbike is not worth your hard earned money and it would be wise to spend your money on a similar game in the genre.


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