Editorial: Our best PS3 memories


I can still remember it like it was yesterday; the excitement, nervousness and sheer enjoyment of that day is basically etched in my soul forever. I had previously missed out on a launch day PlayStation 3, but was lucky enough to get one by the 1st of December. I had purchased it from a customer at my work who had bought eleven PS3s to sell on eBay; this was his last one and I luckily got it for $636 – ($600 + tax). After work I broke multiple speeding laws while on my way to Best Buy to pick up the one single game I was looking forward to, Resistance: Fall of Man. Once I got home from my quick trip to pick up the game, my friend was waiting for me at my house to partake in the next-generation of gaming.

Throughout the night we played various demos and games on my new PS3, all of which wowed us. The visuals, the sound, the sheer epicness of what we were witnessing was unprecedented. Then we started playing Resistance: Fall of Man and I was in heaven. From the first battle of the game to the ending, I was in love.

PlayStation 3, how I love thee.

Soon, like in 5 days soon, the PlayStation 3 will play second fiddle to the PlayStation 4. Over the last 6+ years PlayStation fans have grown to love the 3rd generation of the system and in that time have created some great memories. With the time coming ever so closer where we will begin spending more time of our gaming hours on the PlayStation 4 over the PlayStation 3, I felt it was a perfect time to remember why the PS3 is such a great system. Below I have compiled the best memories of some of the writers here on PS Nation.


The moment the building you are standing in begins to fall in Uncharted 2.  I knew I was playing a “next generation” game already, but that was also the moment that I realized that Naughty Dog was a company to take absolutely seriously, and even with my distaste for zombies, I followed them blindly into The Last of Us because of their history with the system.  Speaking of The Last of Us, realizing that the game started near Austin Texas.  Another great memory.  We even drove around the area where Joel “might have lived”.


God of War 3 was the game I bought a PS3 for. Needless to say, come release day, I stood outside GameStop with my buddy at midnight, waiting for the doors to open. This was my first midnight release and when I got that game in my hands, I couldn’t explain how excited I was.

My buddy and I went back to my apartment and set up base. Three frozen pizzas, four liters of Mountain Dew, and more Cheetos than two men could seemingly handle. We silenced our phones and closed the curtains. Our bodies were ready.

Over the next twelve hours we grinded through Mt. Olympus, the Underworld, and most of our snacks. Red-eyed and fatigued, we arrived at the final boss battle (spoilers), Zeus. The King of Olympus kicked our butt. Seriously, it was bad. Frustrated and sleep-deprived, we thought about giving up and resting. But just like Kratos, our journey was not over. From what I can only describe as a gift from Athena, we received a second wind.

We sat back up and took on Zeus, mashing buttons and timing the QTE’s to near perfection. And when we reached the end, when I had Zeus pinned down and was pummeling his face, I couldn’t stop. I punched and punched and punched. The screen was red with blood, but my exhaustion and the fear of it not being over wouldn’t let me stop. After ten minutes of constant mashing, my friend took the controller from me and finished the game.

As the credits rolled, we stood up and opened the curtains. We squinted as the light poured in. That is my favorite memory of the generation. It was the culmination of several years, three games, two consoles, and one last epic boss battle that got me there, but it was the feeling of watching the outside world turn as I overcame Gods, Titans, and Fate that I’ll never forget.


Honestly, the biggest single moment of my PS3 gaming experience is the end of Journey and how the end changes the beginning. It blew me away. I literally wept.


My favorite gaming moment was when I first put in NBA 2K11 and the intro video starts and then boom you are playing in the 1991 NBA Finals as the Bulls against the Lakers.  There was no start screen, no music just Jordan saying are you ready and it’s game time. Being a lifelong basketball fan and a huge fan of the Bulls this was incredible.  The feeling I got from that opening was the same feeling I got each time my name was announced back in my playing days.My favorite PS3 moment was when I started looking at the user-created levels on LittleBigPlanet.  The fact that a console game could deliver the tools to allow people to create those great levels let me know I was in a golden age of gaming.  Yeah some console games had user-created levels or characters but nothing like this.  It also allowed people to connect with others all over the world and turned gaming to me into something bigger than the publisher/developer and gamer relationship that it was before.


From completing Demon’s Souls to getting the platinum trophies for the Sly Cooper trilogy, inFamous games and Just Cause 2. there has been so many great memories. I would have to say the sheer brilliance of Grand Theft Auto V and GTAOnline round of this generation perfectly, every moment spent in the impressive world that Rockstar built is fantastic.


I played through every Metal Gear game, including ROMs of the 80’s titles, as I pinched my pennies; saving for the then-insurmountable pile of cash necessary to buy a PS3 and MGS4. I was overcome with goosebumps when the story led Solid Snake back to Shadow Moses Island. I’m confused to find myself replaying the opening part of MGS1. The scene is all to familiar as I infiltrate the 32 bit facility through the same duct I used years before. Snake then wakes up on a helicopter en route to Shadow Moses: I had played through his dream! As I approached the deserted nuclear research outpost, the most beautifully eerie melody provided the soundtrack for my most recognizable video game area. Two generations of consoles, technology, and Metal Gear mythos had passed since the last time I’d been there. At that moment, video games transcended pastimes and entertainment, becoming the medium I am most passionate about.

Just as I would have imagined, everyone’s favorite memory is drastically different from another person. Yes, we all shared in the major events that shaped the PlayStation 3, but there were these smaller, more personal memories that stand out far more.

What are some of your favorite personal memories of the PlayStation 3? Let us hear them in the comments below.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

Your lone Kentucky writer on staff. Loves the Big Blue Nation, rock music, and Resistance 2 (the best in the series).

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