Review: Toki Tori (PS3)


Title: Toki Tori
Format: PlayStation Network Download (103 MB)
Release Date: December 17, 2013
Publisher: Playlogic Games
Developer: Two Tribes
Original MSRP: $4.99 (US), €4.99 (EU), £4.49 (UK)
ESRB Rating: E
Toki Tori is also available for Xbox Live, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, Game Boy Color, PC, Linux, iOS, Windows Mobile and Android.
The PlayStation Network version was used for this review.

The last Game Boy Color title has finally made its way to the PS3 with some new levels, HD graphics, 3D and Move support. After all these years that plump little chicken named Toki Tori is still trying to rescue all those eggs.

You have one simple goal on every level, collect every single egg without dying. Thankfully the learning curve is almost perfect, as the difficulty slowly increases with each level and introduces new items every so often. I never felt overwhelmed with what to use but with each new addition there is another layer of complexity which also makes the puzzles more devious. With these items you can make blocks, bridges, teleports and much more. You have to learn to use these items effectively, especially as you normally have a finite supply. Planning a route around the level, avoiding the occasional enemy and not getting stuck are all keys to success.

The developers had the good sense to have an unlimited rewind ability, which is available should you die, get stuck or just want to try something different. It became a very welcome feature which I used frequently. Except for when I played the easy mode, which seemed lazy and boring compared to the inventive puzzles in normal. It’s really more of a child friendly puzzle mode which my daughter enjoyed for a while.

TokiToriPSN_ingmame02 TokiToriPSN_ingmame03

PlayStation Move support is surprisingly good once you get used to the controls. Having a cursor on screen can make moving that crazy chicken around feel more fluid and natural. I would say give it a go before using the standard controller.

You have the use of one wildcard, which allows you to skip any level. However if you find yourself stuck later on, you have to complete that earlier level to reclaim the wildcard. Unless you cheat and look up the solutions I think this might come in handy on some of the harder levels. Believe me when I say, some of these levels are pure evil. They’ll make you hate that stupid little chicken, with his big stupid eyes and those odd looking eyebrows. Do Chickens even have eyebrows?

Sorry about that, where was I? Oh yes I remember. Difficulty in this game definitely adds to its longevity, as you’ll either end up quitting and not playing it for quite some time, or like me, you’ll be staring at that same level for what seemed like an eternity, trying to figure out how to get all those annoying little eggs with only three bridges, four blocks and one slug sucker! Yes, that is the actual name of the strange item.

I eventually completed the game and witnessed the most bizarre ending I’ve seen in years. It still haunts me now! I always consider if I wasn’t the one to review a game, would I have bothered to complete it? I believe the difficulty may have put me off with this game but for those of you that enjoy the mental challenge it provides, you may cherish it for quite some time.


Nothing special here, in fact it doesn’t push the PS3 in any single way. 3D support and HD graphics are nice additions but to be honest, I doubt anyone would be playing this for the visuals. I would have liked some more time spent on this aspect of the game, but I suppose if it isn’t broke, why fix it?

Like the visuals, there is nothing special but it didn’t annoy me which was nice considering there wasn’t much variety between levels. In all honesty I think I preferred the ambient sounds when the game was paused to the actual music itself and in the end just turned off the music all together.

This game is single player only.

This is a solid puzzle platformer. It has some devilishly good brain teasers that’ll have you screaming at the TV in frustration. Now for my biggest annoyance, I could grab this game on some other platforms for a fraction of the price and this version doesn’t seem to have enough added to warrant the extra cost. But if you adore puzzle games and for some reason haven’t played this yet, ignore my gripe about the price and grab this straight away.


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Written by Chazz Harrington

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