EU PlayStation Plus Update for May


Another fine bunch of games for PlayStation Plus (EU) for May. All of which will be available to download from April 30th. Be sure to let us know in the comment below what you think of this selection?

Stick it to the Man* “My favorite example this year of how to use character and atmosphere to maximum comic effect.” – Keith

Payday 2
Puppeteer “This isn’t just one of my favorite games of 2013, this is one of my favorite games of this generation” – Glenn

PS Vita
Muramasa Rebirth
Everybody’s Golf  “This is by far my favorite Vita launch title.” – Glenn


I can’t wait to try out the PS4 version of Stick it to the Man and I’m excited that more people are going to try out one of my all time top five games, the brilliant Puppeteer.

*Not a Cross-Buy title.

Information taken from the EU PlayStation Blog

Written by Chazz Harrington

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