Review: Sumo Omni Reloaded


Product:Sumo Omni Reloaded
Manufacturer: Sumo Lounge International
Price: $219.00

The timing was perfect. I recently moved into a one-bedroom apartment as a temporary solution while I get my house ready to sell since I just moved three hours south of where I’ve been for the last ten years. The living room in the apartment is huge though, and even with a 50-inch Plasma, I’m sitting pretty far away for gaming. I was trying to figure out a way to get my Sumo Sway Couple beanbag chair into my car so I could sit closer to the TV. I really love this chair, but it’s so big that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off.


Then, I received an email asking if I wanted to check out a new chair that Sumo was releasing, and it’s everything the Sway Couple isn’t. It doesn’t use “beans”, it’s light, and it even has a carry bag for easy transport. I jumped at the opportunity for a couple of reasons. First, I needed something to sit closer to the tv on, and second, I’ve always been a fan of Sumo. Their chairs have always been insanely comfortable, and even though they usually command a “premium” price, the build quality has always justified that.

Check their overview video out:

Sumo Lounge Omni Reloaded from Sumo Lounge on Vimeo.

The first thing that surprised me was that they shipped it fully extended instead of in its folded state. The box is around 6 feet long, so it was easy to spot at the front door when it was delivered. Simply slide it out of the box and it’s ready to go. There’s also a carry bag included (you can see it in the video) and it’s really nice. Getting the chair into the bag is ridiculously easy too, taking around a minute to fold the chair and slide the bag over it. Transport is just as easy, as the materials used to build the chair are very light, but tough as nails at the same time.


The powder-coated tubes that make-up the frame are much more sturdy that I expected. I run at about 270 pounds right now, and when I sit in the chair, I don’t feel any “give” at all. The same can be said for when I lean back or even shift in the seat. The material that comprises the outer covering is waterproof, and feels similar to nylon to me. The result of this build is that the chair can be used in a lot of different environments, including outside where that big, glowing orb in the sky is. It’s tough enough to handle being used at the pool, the beach, or even out in the woods while camping. The chair is available in 5 colors currently, and as you can see, I got it in blue (since that’s the PlayStation standard…)


I, however, only use it for gaming and overall it’s done the job admirably. I’ve sat for hours at a time with no loss of comfort at all, but it’s not perfect (for me at least.) It’s summer currently, and when it gets warm, the chair can get a bit sweaty since the covering doesn’t “breathe” at all. It was easily remedied though by covering it with a quilt that I had laying around. The other issue that I have though, and it may be a bit unique to me, is that since it sits directly on the floor, I have a tough time sitting and getting-up from it. I’m 42, and my legs aren’t what they used to be, so standing up from the floor is a struggle for me, and it’s something that isn’t a problem with my Sumo Sway Couple. It’s not a big deal though, but it is something that I felt needed mentioning.

The chair has three different joints, all of which have different slots to lock an angle in, or it can be laid flat if you want to take a nap. Setting the joints is effortless, and there’s a fair amount of options. I especially like that the head-rest part can be moved forward, and it’s got some extra padding to make it even more comfortable for your noggin. The versatility is definitely part of the value included, and you’ll be hard-pressed to not find a setting that’s right for you.


The final item that will be the crux of your decision is obviously the price. $219 is a lot to pay for a chair unless it’s a recliner with a massaging option. As I mentioned earlier though, Sumo has always been known for their superior build quality, and this is no different. I think that the deciding factor is two-fold for most though, do you want a beanbag chair, or do you want a chair that can easily be transported for multiple uses? For me, the portability is a nice thing for my small apartment, since it’s much easier to move it out of the way than my bulky beanbag chair would be. I use it almost every day when I’m playing games, and it’s nice to not have to worry about comfort when I’m spending hours upon hours in front of my consoles.


Written by Glenn Percival

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