Killzone Mercenary Patched for PlayStation TV


Killzone Mercenary will now be supporting PlayStation TV with update 1.11, which is already available for download. Also included in this patch is reworked TouchPad support for the DualShock 4, whilst players can now save mid-mission due to user feedback.

Matt Porter of Guerilla Games Cambridge stated on the PlayStation Blog:

“The game does indeed look fantastic on the big screen, and the DualShock controls bring a new feel to the game’s mechanics. We’ve reworked all the touch mechanics to maximize the experience when played with those controls. Knowing that PS Vita players will play directly with PlayStation TV players online, we’ve worked hard to ensure the game is balanced for both parties, without either one having a competitive advantage.”

In my opinion, it’s certainly nice to see a publisher go back and add new features to a game. The developers are showing dedication to the console and new hardware iterations, which has made me take notice and consider adding it to my collection, as I’m sure many others will too.

Written by Shawn Hiers

Shawn Hiers

Disabled gamer. Married Father of 4, and playing since the Atari days. I have a passion for all things Lego and an avid Toy Collector. I am also an huge Doctor Who Fan and can talk all things Who for hours 🙂

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