Ultratron blasts its way onto PlayStation


Puppygames are at it again, following their fun old-school tribute to Space Invaders which they called Titan Attacks, a game you can now get free for PS3,PS4 and Vita if you have PlayStation Plus. They are now bringing this to the PlayStation family:

Prepare for a giant double dose of bullet-filled finger-bruising action, as we’ve two rather exciting pieces of news to share with you today hot on the heels of our Olli Olli announcement yesterday!

In a Puppygames double feature, we’re thrilled to announce that alongside bringing Titan Attacks to 3DS early next year, we’re also working on a console version of Puppygame’s twin stick shooter, Ultratron, for both current and last gen consoles!

Where Titan Attacks expanded upon the classic Space Invaders, Ultratron is a throwback to games like Robotron, and features twin-stick arena shooter action, 2 player co-op, a full upgrade system and an adaptive difficulty setting.

Check out the trailer for the PC version,

You’ll be able to play Ultratron on PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita in 2015.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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