Enter The Gungeon Crawling onto PS4


Check out the details for the upcoming dungeon crawler coming to the PS4.

enter-the-gungeon-screens-02 enter-the-gungeon-screens-01

Just revealed at the Sony PlayStation Experience keynote, Enter the Gungeon is a brand new gunfighting dungeon crawler coming in 2015 to PlayStation4, PC, Mac and Linux from the gun-slinging warlocks of Devolver Digital and the dodge-rolling masters at development studio Dodge Roll.

Take on the role of one of several Gungeoneers, each haunted by their past and looking for a brighter tomorrow, as you Enter the Gungeon. Set your sights on the Cult of the Gundead as you blast through hand-designed chambers of the Gungeon’s constantly evolving labyrinth of firepower.

Seek out the one gun above all other guns – the gun that can kill the past – while exploring and unlocking a variety of fantastical weapons that unleash everything from missiles, lasers and cannonballs to bizarrely effect a volley of rainbows, fish, foam darts and bees. We’re going to write that sentence again so that you can say it out loud, slowly:

…a volley of rainbows, fish, foam darts and bees.

enter-the-gungeon-screens-04 enter-the-gungeon-screens-03

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