Impressions: Resogun (PS Vita) from PlayStation Experience


Imagine our surprise that there were some new Vita games present at our session tonight, and one happened to be Resogun, which was just revealed Friday morning. Resogun is definitely one of my favorite games on PS4, and it’s one that I play via Remote Play quite a bit. So yes, I’m excited for it to come to the Vita. I only got about 10 minutes with it, but I was surprised at how well it’s been translated to the portable. As far as I can see, it’s the same game through-and-through (so far, it isn’t finished obviously.) Controls are great, effects are still gorgeous, especially on that sexy screen. The framerate is also dead-solid, but I do believe it’s running at 30 instead of 60 like on the PS4. On the Vita though, that’s really not a problem for me at least.

Three’s really not a lot to say at this point. I couldn’t see if any type of coop in ad-hoc or online are enabled, or if any additional modes or options have been added. But hey, it’s an awesome game and it’s coming to the Vita. If there’s one developer that you can trust to make sure it’s the best that it can be, it’s the masters at Housemarque. Color me excited!

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Written by Glenn Percival

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