Dave’s Destiny Tips: Weekly Nightfall/Heroic Strikes


Note: I tried some new things with SHAREfactory commentary. It didn’t work out like I wanted so the audio is slightly jittery. Sorry, I won’t be doing it this way again.

In this week’s episode. I talk about why doing the weekly Nightfall Strike is so important. It’s one of very few chances you have at getting a great reward. Maybe you’ll find that exotic weapon or armor you have been hoping for, some more strange coins, or maybe even a legendary engram.

Doing the weekly Heroic Strike is also important. Depending on your level you can earn anywhere from three to nine strange coins. Strange coins are important since this is the only currency that Xur accepts when he visits the tower weekly.

What else do you want to see in Dave’s Destiny Tips? Let me know in the comments or come check out the thread that I started in our forums. Thanks for watching!

Written by Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

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