I’m very happy to pass on the information I just received from the folks over at Beatshapers on their new and FREE modes update for the excellent #KILLALLZOMBIES. Check out my review for the game here and all the details on this update below.

Hello! We are excited to announce a big content update for #KILLALLZOMBIES, an insane twin-stick zombie shooter with the Twitch integration where you surviving hordes of zombies on dynamically changing arena and stream spectators may affect gameplay via voting for next encounter and chat commands.

The update includes two long-awaited modes in the form of local co-op and Defend the Vault as well as brand new perks, chat commands & exclusive support for the major PS4 innovation Share Play.

The local co-op game mode is based upon the premise of the survival mode, but is adapted for two player co-operative multiplayer use with each player allowed to choose their own weapon. There are dedicated co-op perks as both players level up simultaneously with the perk going to the player that requests it first with the ability to revive your co-op partner, alongside Share Play support in co-operative multiplayer.

The Defend the Vault game mode is reminiscent of the tower defence genre as your objective is to protect the vault which contains a flag from incoming hordes of zombies. The zombies only have their eyes on the vault this time instead of eating your brains. However, despite you not being targeted by zombies, you will gain money for every zombie you kill which can then be invested by upgrading your defences by purchasing turrets – you can also exchange weapons for turrets in order to strengthen your defences in the appropriate areas.

Will you and your ally have the survival instincts to endure the arena in co-operative multiplayer mode?

Written by Chazz Harrington

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