Hands On: Four Player Co-Op in Borderlands 2 (PS4)


Very recently I was invited to the 2K UK offices for some hands-on gameplay with Borderlands The Handsome Collection, I obviously jumped at the chance. Upon arrival I was ushered into a small room with a very big TV, some other journalists, and Matt from PR. After some brief introductions we all sat down and played Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 4.

2K_BTHC_BTPS_Action-Screenshots-(05) 2K_BTHC_BTPS_Action-Screenshots-(06)

We picked our characters and continued with someone else’s save on the Tiny Tina DLC for Borderlands 2. Time flew by as we all stared at the massive screen. The Borderlands Handsome Collection brings together both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel along with all of the downloadable content for both titles. A really nice feature is the ability to transfer their save data from the PlayStation 3 or PS Vita to the PlayStation 4 version so we won’t lose our levelled-up characters and their Badass rank from the older versions. But the biggest addition to the PS4 game is the inclusion of a four player split screen co-op mode, a feature that I got to try out for around two blissful hours.

My first impression of the game is that it ran surprisingly well. With four players running around shooting, throwing grenades, falling off ledges to their death, and being killed over and over again, the PS4 didn’t even struggle. Oh and those last two were sadly me, I kept on dying. Sometimes I ran out of ammo and no matter how many pathetic melee attacks I performed the enemies just kept on coming, or whilst running around trying to keep a dragon in my sights I embarrassingly fell to my death off the edge of the map. I’m not usually that bad at this game. My failures at playing the game were in part due to being dropped into it during a DLC expansion that I had never played with a character I wasn’t used to. This would have annoyed me if I were playing it over the internet in an online session but I was sitting next to the other players and we could all laugh and joke about our misfortunes together.

2K_BTHC_BTPS_Action-Screenshots-(02) 2K_BTHC_BL2_Action-Screenshots-(10)

With everyone able to glance over at each other’s screen it helped make the game feel more involved and easier to see what they were talking about if we got lost on the map, needed reviving, or something along those lines. As you might guess the action can get quite frantic at times, with everyone charging about and unleashing their firepower onto the enemy it did occasionally get hard to make out what was happening. This is to be expected in a game like this and it could have been helped if we had stuck to a fighting formula of sorts, with someone staying further back with a sniper rifle and another trying to flank the enemy whilst the others get up close and personal.

Whatever your approach to the combat in Borderlands 2 the Handsome Collection may be, you can be happy in knowing that the refresh rate is high and the graphics are top-notch as this is by far the best looking Borderlands I have ever played. There did seem to be a few sound issues and one or two textures looked dreadful up-close but seeing as that was just a tiny part of a massive game I didn’t mind. One thing that might need to be addressed or turned off is the PS4 trophy notification, as it obscures a large portion of the player-one screen, and when four people all get the same trophy it became very annoying. Unless you’re one of the other players who couldn’t help but laugh.

A small part of me had been worried about the Borderlands port onto the PlayStation 4 but when I left the hallowed halls of 2K (Take-Two Interactive) those worries were completely gone. I cannot wait to jump back into the game and finally play the Pre-Sequel and all the DLC I missed. For more on this game including a review be sure to stick around with PS Nation.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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