Dave’s Destiny Tips: The Devil’s Lair


The Devil’s Lair is the first strike you encounter while playing through Destiny. The next few tips that I will be showing you guys are strike walkthroughs. I am running these strikes on normal mode but showing you what you should do if this was the weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike.

There are two difficult parts to The Devil’s Lair Strike. After you deploy your ghost you want to go as far to the left as it will let you, almost into the hive caves. Take your time and stay back, use a good sniper rifle if you have one. Focus fire on each enemy one at a time. Having a team of three is a great idea if you’re doing this as a Nightfall.

Once you get past the three waves of enemies your next encounter is with the Spider Tank. A sniper rifle is huge benefit here as well. Using Black Hammer or Ice Breaker will make this part go much faster. The idea is to hang in the back of the area where the Tank spawns. Jump up high so that ground enemies don’t kill you. Snipe the legs of the tank until it falls down and exposes it head, then snipe the head. Repeat these steps until the Tank is dead.

You are not in a restricted respawn zone so if you die it’s okay. The final part of the Strike is fighting Sepiks Prime. As you can see in the video there are multiple ways you can do damage to this boss. My biggest tip is for your team to spread out but stay safe and not die. If your shield breaks just duck into cover and wait for it to fill back up.

I will be doing each Strike that can be a Nightfall/Weekly Strike. Thanks for watching and as always your feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Written by Dave Hunt

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