Class of Heroes 2G Finally In Session June 2nd

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Class of Heroes 2G will finally make its way to the PlayStation Store next week on June 2nd, MonkeyPaw Games and GAIJINWORKS announced today. This enhanced port for the PS3 of the original PSP game, Class of Heroes 2, features lots of labyrinths, lots of monsters, lots of options for party building, and an engaging, ongoing story which is somewhat atypical of most first-person dungeon crawlers. Basically, there’s a lot of game.

Class of Heroes 2G also supports rarely seen Second Screen functionality with PSP and PlayStation Vita. By pairing a portable with the game, players gain instant access to pertinent real-time information, such as a map, which fixes a gripe Mark Senger had with the original Class of Heroes in his review.

First announced back in December 2013, Class of Heroes 2G did have a limited physical release in late 2014, with less that 2400 copies printed, making it one of the rarer PS3 boxes to have on your shelf. It nice to know that with the digital release, a larger group of interested players will be able to check out the game without relying on the second hand market.

As for what’s next from MonkeyPaw, the company specializes in localizing fun and unique Japanese releases for North America and has confirmed they will be bringing Class of Heroes 3 to US and Canadian PSP, and presumably PlayStation Vita, owners in the future.

Class of Heroes 2G will be available for $44.99.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

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