E3 2015: What We’re Hoping to See


E3 2015 is almost upon us and the ‘Countdown to E3’ has begun, so I thought it might be nice to find out what some of the team at PS Nation are hoping to see this time round. Last year we got a few things right and even had one or two excellent hopes that came true, more or less. However this time I want to keep it a bit more structured,shorter (hopefully) and in no particular order.

Please note this article was made before any leaks or announcements were revealed.

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Jason H.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Persona 5 release date.
4. Level-5‘s new RPG trailer and platform announcement.
3. Bandai Namco announces Tales of Zestiria will be coming to PS4 day and date with PS3 version.
2. Yakuza 0 announced for western release (not likely, but I can dream).
1. Yakuza 5 release date.

Biggest surprise will be: Sony announces a retail release of Yakuza 5. I really hope it happens, but am not very optimistic about it.

Would laugh if: Final Fantasy XV is delayed (again)

I hope, but do not expect, that we see a Vita 2 announced with upgrades specs and will use regular micro SDHC or SDXC as the memory cards. I think the storage cost was the biggest factor of the Vita not being adopted; combined with the regular price, and with the 3DS price drop, I think this is why Sony squandered their chance to take the lead in the handheld space.

Damon B.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. More game remakes or relaunches from early PC era.
4. No more PS2 or later (ie PS3, PSP etc) remastered games unless it is an entire series.
3. More integrated support with either PS Vita or smart phones and PS4 games. Whether it is calling plays for Madden via an app or poker games multiplayer on your phone I would love to see more games like Jackbox Party as far as integration.
2. More Star Wars games, preferably flight Sims like X-Wing or Rogue Squadron or continuation of old series like Republic Commando or something new in a different time period.
1. A new NBA Jam, preferably one that offers DLC roster upgrades for the next 3 years instead of new versions.

Biggest surprise will be: The Army Men series makes a comeback.

Would laugh if: If Microsoft would introduce Xbox One slim or Xbox One with larger HD.

I would love to see some GI Joe or Transformer game not related to movie or cartoon.


Chazz H.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. The Stick of Truth 2 teaser.
4. A new Sly Cooper to coincide with the upcoming film.
3. GTA V expansion pack(s).
2. Uncharted Trilogy playable and release date.
1. Agent from Rockstar closing the Sony press conference.

Biggest surprise will be: Nintendo reveal a new console and it’s compatible with the Wii U software and gamepad.

Would laugh if: It’s not compatible and is the most expensive console upon release.

Sony desperately need one or two big names for its winter lineup so here’s hoping Sony Bend, Guerrilla Games or any other big studio have something to show us for then. I’m also secretly praying for a new PS Vita with all the buttons of a DualShock.

Michael “The1stMJC” Cwick
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. A price for Project Morpheus that is debated all week.
4. A new Tony Hawk game that looks legit.
3. KINGDOM HEARTS 3! I want it playable, I want extended gameplay trailers and a release date.
2. New AAA IPs from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.
1. Fallout 4 or whatever Fallout they announce.

Biggest surprise will be:
If Microsoft snatches up Hideo Kojima for a new studio. He finally opened up to Microsoft a couple of years ago appearing on their stage at E3 and of the three console companies Microsoft has the biggest bankroll for a talent like Kojima. He requires a lot of money to make the type of games he envisions and while I do not see them having the patience to work with him I think it would be amazing. I just do not see Kojima going indie or having a real chance to make the jump to film.

Would laugh if:
If the words “last” and “guardian” are never said during PlayStation’s press conference. It’s hilarious to me every year it is ignored. We need a new Duke Nukem and I have faith that The Last Guardian can fill that void.

If you look at my list you’ll notice that I want new IPs, but then the rest of the list is mostly franchise sequels and while that makes me look like a hypocrite I am not. I really just want everything like every other gamer. I want new IPs all the time because that is what brings the industry forward, but I would be lying to myself if I didn’t want more of my favorite franchises like Kingdom Hearts, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Rock Band and Fallout. This is a weird year for me because I want to spend all my time with franchises I know and love and the industry is really good at giving me that till I am sick and become a bitter old man, but I still long for the surprise new properties. So I want my Fallout, but I also look forward to Hellblade and hope to see a bunch of new stuff that makes me excited for the future of the industry.

Andy R.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Namco ports Tales of Zesteria to the PS4 for the English release.
4. XSeed localizes IA/VT Colorful.
3. Ni no Kuni 2 for PS4.
2. Persona 5 shown some more and gets a release date.
1. DLC expansions for Bloodborne.

Biggest surprise will be: The Last Guardian actually reappears this year.

Would laugh if: Square announces plans to remaster FF7 after the disappointing reaction to the PS4 port at PSX.

I would love to see Sony showing some love for the Vita during their press conference but I have a feeling we won’t see it much outside of a short sizzle reel and some indie games that are shown which are cross-platform releases. I think Sony’s conference will focus on some smaller games for this year. We will see some PS4 remasters coming this fall, perhaps like Uncharted Trilogy (“preorder now for an Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta!”) or similar, and a focus on some of Sony’s partnered games (maybe a big reveal for No Man’s Sky, coming this fall). If they announce any new big first party games, they’ll be teases for fall 2016 games. Also, I expect Sony to announce plans to extend the PS Now service to PS2 and PS1 games.

Josh L.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Year-to-Year progress saves in the EA Sports games.
4. Resistance Remastered Collection.
3. Portal Remastered Collection.
2. A new Sly Cooper on the PS4/Vita.
1. The Next Red Dead Game.

Biggest surprise will be: Resistance 4.

Would laugh if: One of the writers out-eats Emrah.

I’m actually happy with all the remastering going on and I’d love to see more collections from the previous generation. I’d also really like to see more PS4/PS Vita Cross-Save game action with bigger titles along the lines of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on the PS3/Vita. Also, could you imagine if Sony got in on the Skylanders/Amiibo craze with their franchises?

Keith D.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. DMC 2.
4. A new Blur-esque racing game.
3. Final Fantasy XII remaster for PS4/Vita.
2. Viewtiful Joe for PS4 but I think the series is dead.
1. Mass Effect 4.

Biggest surprise will be: A PT like announcement of a new game available “NOW” for FREE.

Would laugh if: Damn it! I don’t really laugh cynically at stuff when it comes to games. But wouldn’t it be funny if they partnered with RuPaul to make a Drag Race game where you got up in drag and did a Dance Dance Central type of performance in front of your camera?! And if you platinumed the game you could upload your Share Play to enter yourself to be on the show?! ROFLMAO…..HEY! Wait a minute…..it’s queer as Hell but that could WORK!
Of course, all those people who buy it thinking it’s a NASCAR GAME will be SCANDALIZED! FOR FILTH!

It occurs to me that mentioning Blur-esque and Viewtiful Joe for E3 2015 seems anachronistic and futile but what is E3 without hopes and wishes?


Kyle J.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Fallout 4.
4. Morpheus release date (at least a release window).
3. New God of War game.
2. The Division.
1. Resistance 4 (keeping the dream alive!).

Biggest surprise will be: Some form of exclusive deal with Activision for Call of Duty content first on PlayStation 4.

Would laugh if: The Last Guardian made an appearance.

With the recent announcement of Oculus releasing a consumer version of their VR device, Sony could try to one-up them with a real date announcement, or at least a release season; i.e. Fall 2016 or 9/11/16. Along with a more precise release window/date, Sony needs to announce at least one, maybe two, games that are being built from the ground up for use with the Morpheus from their first-party studios (of course the game will be playable without Morpheus as well).

Expect to see some impressive third-party exclusives/timed-exclusives coming to PlayStation. Sony will continue to ride their third-party relations through the holidays.

Be watching the Microsoft conference…I’m sure they will be pulling out some very impressive things to try to gain ground on Sony – it should be fantastic to watch.

Glenn P.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Heavenly Sword 2
4. The Last Guardian
3. Triple Play 2016
2. A new Wipeout for PS4
1. Release date for Hot Shots Golf PS4 in North America

Biggest surprise will be: I’d be very surprised if Project Morpheus gets released in 2015, but they might try to beat Oculus at their own game. I just hope they don’t rush things. Also, Kevin Butler returns? A guy can dream…

Would laugh if: Microsoft shows Halo 5’s Kinect features

Just judging by the appointments we’ve scheduled so far, this is shaping-up to be a pretty insane E3. I see people alluding to Xbox essentially giving up, and if you believe that, well, you’re a fool. I honestly think that Microsoft has a few big tricks up their sleeves, and I’m sure that Sony isn’t resting on their laurels either. Let’s not forget Bethesda holding their first E3 press conference s well. This can only bode well for gamers, and that’s a great thing to look forward to.

Greg P. “Stoff Inator”
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Fallout 4.
4. Mass Effect 4.
3. Uncharted 4.
2. Firmware update.
1. Gears of War Remastered.

Biggest surprise will be: Microsoft wins E3.

Would laugh if: Socom 5 is announced.

I think Microsoft is going to have a strong E3. Sony is a mystery and EA has a strong line up. Fallout 4 is pretty much a guarantee at this point.

Rey B.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Uncharted.
4. Star Wars Battlefront.
3. No Man’s Sky.
2. Unannounced Morpheus game.
1. Project Morpheus.

Biggest surprise will be: No first person shooter announcements.

Would laugh if: Torgo yelled out “The Master will not be pleased” during the Microsoft event.

Raj M.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. PES and FIFA gameplay.
4. Just Cause 3 gameplay.
3. Big (or any) third party titles for Vita and Wii U.
2. Morpheus price tag (preferably sub-£200/$300).
1. A new Midnight Club. Pretty please, Rockstar!

Biggest surprise will be: If Halo, Forza and Call of Duty take up less than 50% of Microsoft’s entire conference. In terms of Sony, price drops to all three consoles – PS3, PS4 and Vita – would be a (welcome) shocker.

Would laugh if: Through the tears, I’d laugh at my own bank balance and mental resolve if PS4 and XBO console revisions are announced.

Emrah R.
Top five games/things I want to see:
5. Least- Big budget exclusive Vita titles
4. Uncanny partnerships (maybe Kojima productions joins a new publisher after splitting from Konami).
3. New Nintendo console.
2. Morpheus release date/interactive crowd demo.
1. Most- AAA reveals of the things that Sony’s first party studios have been working on.

Biggest surprise will be: No Man’s Sky is released that day.

Would laugh if: Nintendo games go multi-platform

Why not let us know what you’re hoping to see during E3 2015.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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