Just Cause 3 – Your Questions Answered

Many people have been asking all sorts of questions regarding the upcoming Just Cause 3 game from Avalanche Studios. Over on the Just Cause Forums they’ve been answering many of them. Check out the Q&A’s below.

1. Just Cause 3 Multiplayer
Of course, having a MP would be cool. But we had to decide where to focus our energy and we decided to do our best with SP and make it as amazing as possible. We believe that this is where Just Cause shines and where our strength is. So we are working on making a great SP experience with new gear, better graphics and much more. We hope that once you get your hands on it, you will like it as much as we do.

Currently, we are NOT planning to add MP or Co-Op after the release of JC3.

2. Modding
We love what the community has created for JC2. So while we are not going to release a modding kit given the complexity and uniqueness of the engine JC3 is being developed on (owned and created by Avalanche), we would love to see mods for JC3 as well. We are currently working out how this support could look. We will keep you posted. But no, no Steam Workshop and no modding kit.

3. Size of the map
It’s comparable to the JC2 one, nearly 400 sq miles, but it will be busier.

4. Damage system
We have improved the damage system in JC3 so vehicles can be destroyed more realistically.

5. Wildlife
There is some wildlife but we will reveal more closer to the release date.

6. [PC] Specs
Still being finalized and we will reveal them closer to the launch.

7. First Trailer/Gameplay

8. Social Links
For now, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 🙂

9. Linux & Mac support
We are not planning to support Linux and Mac for now.

10. Platforms
JC3 will be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4.
(last gen versions are not planned currently)

11. Languages
We are working on the list. It’s determined by the demand so we have our local markets looking at different territories and whether there’s enough interest to justify spending money on translating JC3 into that language. It’s a bit longer process and once we know, we will let you know.

12. Release
Holiday/Christmas 2015.

13. Unlimited C4
Yep, that’s there.

14. Weapon slots
We have 3 weapon slots.

Some people also asked a couple of questions in the comments..

JaggiHunter asked – Do we get punished for killing civilians by get bad karma or hated by the people of medici
JC Answered – NO, I say NO! Viva La Rico Rodriguez!

Opelova asked – Will civilians fight you if you attack them, and do civilians carry weapons, and are will there be loyalist
JC Answered – Nope

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