Logitech Returns to the Race with the G29 Driving Force


Since the PlayStation 4 was released, the question on many racer’s minds was definitely “will my current racing wheel work on PS4 games?” Of course now we all know that’s not the case, and even efforts from third parties to offer a solution for them have all resulted in mixed results, the only true option has been to buy a new wheel from Licensed manufacturers, which are few and far between.

Logitech, who dominated the racing wheel market in the past had all but left before the PS4 was released though, and were pretty quiet when asked why PS3 racing wheels like the G27 couldn’t work with the PS4. Rumors swirled around the Internet for a while, and fingers were continuously pointed as to why nothing was happening. Then, a picture of what many assumed was a new Logitech wheel for the PS4 circulated in the usual circles, but there was no official word that it was actually happening, until now.

Logitech has now officially revealed the G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel for PS3/PS4/PC, and it looks to be a pretty fantastic package. They’re also revealing the G920 for Xbox One/PC but since we’re a PlayStation site, we’re only focusing on the G29. They’re very similar though.

Retailing at $399, the G29 is a pretty complete package, but one has to wonder why they also wouldn’t offer something in the $150-$200 range to fill the huge void that exists currently. As you read the plentiful info below, you’ll notice that there are a lot of similarities with the Thrustmaster VG T300RS, but with a couple of welcome differences. The first being that the clutch is included instead of the need to spend an additional $100 like with the Thrustmaster. The other is that the wheel is covered with hand-stitched leather, which again is an optional purchase on the Thrustmaster side of things. One question that also emerges is if there’s an upgradeable firmware like the Thrustmaster VG T300RS offers, and if an optional 7-Gear shifter will ever be available.

I’m a huge fan of the Thrustmaster VG T300RS, especially the fact that it’s so incredibly quiet, which is something that past Logitech wheels are not known for. We’re going hands-on at E3 next week, and I’m legitimately excited to check this new wheel out. All I can say is that it’s a great time for racing fans, albeit a very expensive time. Let’s hope that someone out there realizes that we could definitely use something in the middle of the road offering a more affordable racing experience.

Full Press Release Follows:

NEWARK, Calif. — June 11, 2015 — Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI), a leading innovator of gaming peripherals, today announced the Logitech® G29 Driving Force, a force feedback racing wheel licensed for PlayStation®4 (PS4™) and PlayStation®3 (PS3). Built for precision racing and long-lasting reliability, the Logitech G29 Driving Force features a dual-motor force feedback transmission with anti-backlash helical gearing, hand-stitched leather-wrapped rim, and stainless steel throttle, brake, and clutch pedals.

“Our fans have been asking for a PS4 wheel since launch of the system,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of the Logitech gaming business. “For the past 18 months we have been working with Sony to deliver a fully-licensed racing wheel and I am excited to announce it today.”
Realistic Force Feedback

Logitech G29 Driving Force

Engineered with dual-motor force feedback, the Logitech G29 Driving Force realistically simulates the feel of your car with weight shift, realistic road conditions and tire wear, so you can sense under- or over-steering, traction loss and more. With helical gears modeled after the gearing used in car transmissions, you get exceptionally smooth, quiet and precise steering action. Anti-backlash hardware also keeps the wheel and pedal input tight, to maximize control.

Durable Design
Built to last, the Logitech G29 Driving Force features solid steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft, and stainless steel paddle shifters and pedals. High-quality, hand-stitched leather gives the Logitech G29 Driving Force the look and feel of a high-performance racecar wheel, and ensures a more comfortable and durable user experience. Additionally, built-in clamps and bolt points allow you to securely mount the wheel to a table or racing seat to minimize shifting or wobbling during aggressive maneuvers.

Logitech G29 Driving Force_Front

Easy Access to Game Controls
For seamless access to racing controls, the D-Pad, console buttons and semi-automatic paddle shifters are conveniently located on the Logitech G29 Driving Force. LED indicator lights tell you exactly when to shift, so you can maintain maximum acceleration without taking your eyes off the track. A 24-point selection dial and plus/minus buttons let you also fine-tune your driving preferences.

Responsive Pedal Unit
The Logitech G29 Driving Force comes with a separate floor pedal unit that lets you comfortably brake, accelerate and change gears, just as you would in an actual car, and also allows you to maintain a more realistic body position for driving. The nonlinear brake pedal mimics the performance of a pressure-sensitive brake system for a responsive, accurate braking feel. Additionally, the G29 includes a dedicated clutch, so gamers who want to test their abilities can have a truly immersive racing experience.

Logitech G29 Driving Force_Pedal Unit

Pricing and Availability
The Logitech G29 Driving Force is expected to be available at global retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg in the U.S., beginning in July 2015, for a suggested retail price of $399.99. For more information please visit our website or our blog.

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