E3 2015: NBA Live Aims for a Comeback with New Gameplay Options, More Control

EA Sports pulled the veil off NBA Live 16′s steps to take the franchise back into the spotlight at the EA pre-E3 presser today. For starters, they showcased a new app that will allow anyone to easily scan his or her face into the game.

More control is the theme of many of the in game enhancements. The studio showcased Live Motion, a physics-based movement system that will not only enhance the look of the in game player animations, but also allow players to retain total control of their characters since they won’t be locked into pre-recorded motion captured animations.

Passing and catching has been rebuilt for the better with new types of passes added such as touch passes and dribble hand offs. Shooting receives an upgrade that allows players to decide exactly when they want to release the ball. Finally, the pick and roll gains lots of new options, allowing players to call for rescreens, tell the screen to roll, or pop, or switch.

EA Sports says they are committed to making sure that online is stable and reliable when NBA Live 16 launches later this year.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

A student of games, I play a bit of everything because I like to see what’s out there. Nothing better than first hand experience when it comes to knowing about games. Current game obsession: Anything MOBA (Paragon, Battleborn, Heroes of the Storm), except, ironically, the most popular ones, LoL and DOTA2.

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