E3 2015: New Devolver Digital titles coming to the PS4


During Sony’s press conference on Monday night Devolver Digital revealed two brand new games that will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2016, Mother Russia Bleeds and EITR.


Mother Russia Bleeds is set in an alternate-reality U.S.S.R. with a story that revolved around a crew of street fighters who must overcome an oppressive criminal authority and their own drug addictions, through any means necessary. Mother Russia Bleeds is playable solo or with friends in a local/split-screen mode or online mode. The co-op portion of the game, on top of the story, also features multiple challenges to overcome and a versus mode.

Mother Russia Bleeds features up to four-player in an ultra-violent, fun brawler with a unique style and brutal action.


EITR follows the story of The Shield Maiden has been sent out to the nine Norse worlds to undo the damage that the Norse god Loki let loose. Dripping Eitr, a wretched substance, into the great tree Yggdrasil, sending it into darkness. Follow The Shield Maiden as she fights her way through hordes of enemies to write Loki’s wrong-doing.

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Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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