E3 2015: Polk Audio announces two new headsets


Today, during E3, Polk Audio announced two brand new gaming headsets; the Striker Pro Audiophile Grade Gaming Headset and the exclusive Striker Pro Hitman® Contract Edition Gaming Headset. Both of these new headsets are compatible with the PlayStation 4, along with Mac, PC, and mobile.


The Striker Pro Audiophile Grade Gaming Headset was created specifically for the gamer, both headsets come with Polk‘s patented Dynamic Balance® technology that promises to deliver an outstanding realistic and balanced audio experience. Additionally, the new Striker Pro headsets feature a “flexible, ultra-clear sounding removable omni-directional microphone with push button mute,” and comes with three removable cables and two removable microphones; all for making your gaming sessions sound the best that they can. To combat headache from wearing a headset for long periods of time, Polk has outfitted the Striker Pro headsets with a leather-wrapped steel headband that will sit comfortably upon your head, and pivoting ear cups.

What makes the Polk Striker Pro gaming headset unique are the acoustics. As audio specialists who have been making premium audiophile-grade speakers for over 40 years, we understand what it takes to properly voice a headset to ensure it delivers precise, balanced, rich sound for all types of listening.  Whether chatting with your friends or listening intently for the footsteps of your enemies, your ears deserve the best sounding headset. With the Striker Pro, gamers do not have to trade universal compatibility and features for superior audio quality. – Michael Greco, Global Brand Director for Polk

The exclusive Striker Pro Hitman® Contract Edition Gaming Headset shares a lot of the same features as the Striker Pro headset, but also comes with Polk’s POET (Polk Optimized Electro-Acoustic Tuning) that is said to provide a “in rich, immersive audio quality and allow users to hear all the details and subtleties in their game.”

We’re thrilled to introduce a second gaming solution at E3 that’s tied to one of fall’s most highly anticipated movies and recognized video game series. Leveraging our deep roots in creating best-selling loudspeakers as well as our experience working with top gaming studios to develop premium audio accessories, we know that sound quality is more critical than ever for an exceptional gaming experience. We’ve developed the Striker Pro and this special headset to be the ultimate audio accessories that take users deeper into the virtual worlds of their entertainment. –  Michael Greco, Global Brand Director for Polk

Additionally, the Striker Pro Hitman® Contract Edition Gaming Headset will come individually numbered on the inside of the ear piece and will feature Hitman branding .

Both the Striker Pro Audiophile Grade Gaming Headset and the exclusive Striker Pro Hitman® Contract Edition Gaming Headset will be available this coming September to select retailers and at PolkAudio.com for $129.

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Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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